Village Council Meeting Notes Jan 26, 2015

The Jan 26th meeting started promptly at 7pm with the public comments. The first resident asked the Council members to revisit the driveway ordinance prohibiting circular driveways in the village. Former council member Al Harbury spoke next asking for an explanation for the dismissal of the Village Manager and the Village Clerk. The final spaaker […]

Feral Cats Seek Amnesty

Dear Town of Clemmons: We have a growing feral cat issue that’s been ignored far too long. Frankly, it’s out of control. Despite exhaustive efforts to resolve this issue peacefully, the cats continue to multiply, damage and soil property & damage vehicles by laying on top and scratching, as well as force some homeowners to stay indoors due […]

Waterford Glen by RS Parker Homes

Dear Homeowners & Neighbors: We wanted to let you know we have revised the existing plan for Waterford Glen to better manage the property’s stormwater. We are volunteering to provide stormwater quantity controls consistent with the requirements outlined in the Clemmons Stormwater Ordinance. These new controls are in addition to the State’s Stormwater Quality Ordinance. […]

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